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Gifted and Talented Program

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Welcome to the Gifted and Talented Program webpage! At Central Elementary School, the 4th and 5th grade teachers and visual/performing arts teachers consult with Gifted Services to challenge students in their areas of giftedness. We work together to provide opportunities for gifted students and students with potential for giftedness to think critically and creatively, to problem-solve, and to be intellectual risk-takers. We strive to foster academic, intellectual, social, emotional, and creative growth.

Several service options are available to meet the unique needs of our gifted learners. All gifted students are serviced through differentiation in the general education classrooms, consultation between the teachers and the Elementary GT Coordinator, and opportunities for enrichment and acceleration in the Brain Builder Academy with the Elementary GT Coordinator. Other gifted service options are utilized if available and appropriate for individual students. 

  • Consultation: The GT Coordinator consults with the teachers to provide support and resources for gifted learners in general education classrooms.
  • Differentiation: Instruction, lessons, activities, assessments, or authentic products are personalized to challenge the strengths of gifted learners.
  • Pull-Out: The GT Coordinator meets with students outside of the general education classroom to provide lessons to challenge students in their areas of giftedness.
  • Enrichment: Gifted learners delve deeper into grade-level subject areas to explore topics, issues, or real-world problems.
  • Subject Acceleration: Gifted learners are accelerated one or more grade levels in a subject area.
  • Whole-Grade Acceleration: Gifted learners skip a grade in accordance with district policy.
  • Independent Study: Gifted learners research a topic of interest and create an original product.
  • Mentorships: Gifted students from the MCHS Leadership Dynamics class or specific subject area classes act as mentors to younger gifted learners once a week for 30-60 minutes per session. Mentors volunteer their time for community service and are available according to their class schedules.
  • Special Counseling Services: School guidance counselors consult with Gifted Services to identify and service students who may struggle with undue stress, perfectionism, super-sensitivities, or overexcitabilities. All Marshall County School District guidance counselors and the GT Director have completed training to be able to counsel gifted learners. 

While we challenge gifted learners in their areas of strengths, we also provide support for any academic or social-emotional needs. Differentiation of instruction occurs daily in the general education classrooms as all Marshall County educators have been trained to meet the varied needs of students. Special counseling services are provided for gifted students with social-emotional struggles. Mentorship opportunities are also provided for select students depending on the availability of mentors.

Progress of growth is continuous as teachers and Gifted Services work together to support gifted students. We meet  periodically for GT/RtI meetings to discuss individual student progress, student needs, provide consultation, and support differentiation occurring in the general education classrooms. Progress is reported at the end of each semester and is available on the Parent Portal on Infinite Campus. 

Please direct questions or concerns to any of the following:

Katee Adams: Elementary GT Coordinator

Dr. Toddie Adams: Director of Gifted Services

Jill Darnall: Principal

Brandon Newton: Assistant Principal

Julie Teague: Guidance Counselor

For additional information, please visit
Marshall County School District GT Program